Bad Rae!

Rebecca Taylor "Olivia" Dress
Tracy Reese Peplum Dress

Rebecca Taylor Ruffle Dress
I have a problem. You may have read a bit about it in the About Me section. I am a shopping addict. I am also an Ebay addict and the two go hand in hand. Last week I had bid on 5, yes 5, different dresses. My thinking was that I would place one bid each and if I got out-bid, oh well. I thought I would maybe win one of those dresses. I mean, they were all Rebecca Taylor and Tracy Reese for under $60. Well guess what? I won 3...oops. Annnnd...my husband found out. That right there is the problem. I buy and I don't tell him, so he thinks I am lying to him. I said I never lied, I just didn't tell him. Men! Anyway, all is good, he bought himself a new cell phone so he's happy and I have three new dresses on the way. Yay! I have a yellow/green Rebecca Taylor that should be here tomorrow, a green peplum Tracy Reese that might be here on Saturday, and a printed Rebecca Taylor that I hopefully receive sometime during the middle of next week. I will post pics of what they look like on. In the meantime here are the pics from Ebay. Actually, now that I see these dresses next to eachother I realized I bought two dresses of the same color. Oh well!


Jessica said...

congrats on the good finds! we have similar problems haha :)

Justine said...

Those are gorgeous! I suck at ebay and never find anything. My Catholic guilt is way too big to hide anything. Apparently I was like that as a kid, too, and always told on myself. hehe. Oh and p.s. THANKS for the book! Got it today. Can't wait to read it on the plane for Vegas in less than a week!! :)

Ashleigh said...

Men just don't get it :)
I am loving yellow this spring & those 2 are fabulous!

Mom Daughter Style said...

Ebay can be addicting, I found myself buying stuff too when I was on maternity leave more than a year ago. It's good I went back to work and I am not really allowed to do non-business activities.

You've got great deals!