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Outfit Of The Day! and My Furry Friend

Last night stormed like a mother so today is all nice and hot and humid. Gotta love it. So I put my hair up in my nasty weather hairstyle which basically consists of twisting back the sides and doing a low side bun. You have probably noticed me sporting this do quite a bit lately. Besides the weather my hair is in the awkward growing out stage so putting it up seems to be the best option. So the husband and I just got back taking our dog for a walk (see pictures of her below) and I had him take a few pics along the way. Just to switch it up a bit. Oh! And if I didn't mention it, I did receive my Rebecca Taylor dress in the mail, one of the two I got on Ebay. Well it was spotted but I kept it because I do like it. I took it to the dry cleaner and the spots still didn't come out. Oh well, it's not that noticeable. All right I have to get ready for work. Catering a wedding in this beautiful muggy weather.
Floral Tunic: Charlotte Russe
Blue Skinny Jeans: American Eagle
Gray Platform Pumps: Charlotte Russe
Sunglasses: Mossimo (target)

My Rebecca Taylor dress from Ebay
Molly- half yorkie, half chiwawa (sp?)
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cute puppy. love small dogs...

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