Last Day In Vegas

This is way overdue. We've been back now for 2.5 weeks. Oh well. So Monday was our last full day in Vegas so we went to the pool only for maybe an hour. That's all it takes in Nevada to get a nice sunburn. The first two pics are at the pool. Very nice. After that we went to City Center which is where pics three and four are. Couldn't afford anything there so we went back to H&M and I bought two more dresses (one is below) and Chandler got the fedora and white shirt he's wearing below. Checked out The Cosmopolitan. Awesome hotel, would love to stay there one day. They have an All Saints store which we checked out. Saw an amazing sequin dress but it was a couple hundred dollars out of my price range. I'm keeping an eye on Ebay. Then we walked by The Sugar Factory. Really not as cool as I was expecting. They had a sign out front "Holly Madison Book Signing". Sweet!!! Yeah not so much, apparently I was so excited I didn't finish reading the sign. I was five days early. So we went back to the hotel and got all dressed up for dinner at N9NE Steakhouse. Amazing food but a little on the pricey side. Dinner for two with tip was about $180. You have to pay for everything separate. The side of potato gnocchi was $12 and even the steak sauce was $4. I think the steak itself was $60. It was good though. After dinner we went and lost some more money at Roulette and Blackjack. Good times. It really was though. We are thinking about going back in August, but we may have to wait until November.

On me: pink dress: GLAM, silver sandals: BP

On Chandler: fedora, belt and white shirt: H&M, shoes: Zara, pants: Perry Ellis
dress and heels: H&M