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Zara Evening

Zara Evening

 2. blazer
 3. (I LOVE this dress, but it's sold out right now :( )
 6. (also want this dress and had my eye on these boots, but neither are available, sigh)
 7. so pretty, but also not available
 8. heels

Anyone else tired of the good items Zara shows in their lookbooks not being available? Or is it just me? Still waiting for those printed skinny trousers from the November Lookbook to come available. Has anyone seen them in the store? I will be in New Orleans next weekend for the Lions/ Saints game and thought I might check out the store. I am assuming there is one there. On the plus side, they are doing a Black Friday sale going on now. There are 138 items marked down. Not too much that has been one my wish list but I did buy the Blazer with Zips which was marked down to $70 from $90. They also have those two-tone heeled ankle boots. The black/tan and black/ navy marked down to $50. Almost got the tan ones but I don't think my husband would be too happy with me even if they are only $50. Oh well, like I said, still holding out for some items which I would like to buy the minute they come available.
I hope everyone who celebrates is having a wonderful Thanksgiving! Who's braving the Black Friday crowds? I know I'm not, I will be all snuggled up in my bed.


Michelle's Style File said...

THese pieces look great!


Mrs. Pancakes said...

Oh wow these are gorgeous! And I love love your blog name!!

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