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Zara TRF March Lookbook


I'm loving this new lookbook. I love the bohemian feel to it. I have to have the colorful top/ jacket in the picture above. Too bad it's not available yet. I also want the whole outfit in #13 and the skirt in #5. Awesome job as usual Zara.


briannelee said...

All of these pieces are fabulous, but especially loving the first two jackets.

If you have a chance, enter my diamond earring giveaway :)

shi zhan said...

レイバンの通販ショップへようこそ!最高品質のサングラスをできるだけ値打ちをし、驚きのアウトレット価額でご提供!人気シリーズ:レイバン RB2140などが品揃え、他のどんな店よりも輝きたいキミに応援!みんなでNEVER HIDE!

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