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Zara Woman March Lookbook

I think I'm pretty happy with the new lookbook, but as you can see most items are not available yet. That leather jacket with the studs though is a-mazing! A bit pricey though and seeing as I live in Florida I'm not sure how practical that would be. It would be a great jacket to take to NYC though. That is if they get it in before I go. I also love the black cardigan jacket in the 3rd pic and the whole outfit in the 8th. Also those heels in the last are pretty sweet. None of it is available though, booo.


juno said...

Of course I want to follow you. ;)

Erin @ Currently Coveting said...

I absolutely love the pink pants and pastels in there. Great finds.

P.S. Thanks for following me, you asked if I could follow you back but I already am following you!


AlexandrŠ° said...

Wow! perfect colours! I like almost everything from this collection!)
Visit my blog please! I have some new posts!

Life's a shoe said...

wow these are pretty great stuff, cant wait to see what else they will come up with this season

Michelle's Style File said...

I love this look book! So pretty!!


SarahB @ FridayisForever said...

Oooh I agree on the leather jacket! Not too sure about other bits, and I have a voucher to get rid of haha x

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