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Blurry Days

All Zara- Dress, Jacket, Heels (old)

These pictures came out pretty blurry, but I'd rather put up blurry photos then none at all. I wore this last week when my husband and I went to the mall. I got a convertible bra from Victoria's Secret, one of those that comes with an attachment to put around your stomach so you can wear something with a low back. I also bought this cute black crochet dress from American Eagle that was on sale for $30. 
Love this jacket I'm wearing. I had to break down and get it, which I'm very happy I did. 


briannelee said...

Love your shoes!

Thrifted Shift said...

Hi! Just found your blog and enjoying it! I especially like the post when you dyed your hair- pretty hair and pretty skirt! Decided to follow you, hope you do the same for me! Have a great day!

Life's a shoe said...

cute outfit! really love your jacket and your colorblock shoes!

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