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Happy St. Patrick's Day (early)

All Zara (again...yes I know I have a problem): Top, Shorts, Heels

These are 3 of my favorite pieces from the new Zara collection. At first I wasn't sure about the sleeveless sweater but am so glad I bought it. It actually did look better than it looks in these pictures. My husband came home after a long day so I let him nap instead of getting my photo in daylight. So I do know these pictures aren't the best. That's has to be the best thing about Daylight Savings. More Sunshine! More time to get pretty photos! What I really need though is a tri-pod and remote. Anyone know where I can get that for a Canon Rebel T3? Then I could attempt my own pictures. 
I also want to say Happy Birthday to my Grandpa Patrick Pink who was born on St. Paddy's Day 80- some years ago. I'm pretty sure he doesn't read this blog, he probably doesn't even know I write one. But my Mom does, so she'll tell him. Hi Mom!
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